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Nice run. I saw deer.

Do you think it's possible to cut 4 minutes off a 5K time in a 10 week period?

Yes. Work on your speed. Here are some tips

what's your name on nike+? would you mind if people from tumblr added you..?

No. Dont mind at all. Message me from your real name and i’ll send you my info.

Charity Miles App

Just wanted to give you folks the heads up on a kewl app that I been using. Its called Charity Miles. 

Totally free totally legit app takes the miles you run and turns them into donations for the charity of your choice (Of the ones that are listed). I run for the Wounded Warrior Project. They help put my brothers and sisters in arms who have been injured. 

For every mile you run (or walk) they donate 25 cents. If you bike its 10 cents. 
Its a great way to raise money for charity while doing your work out.

So give it a try. If you want more info check out their tumblr page.

I use it in conjunction with my Nike plus and haven’t notice any problems.

f you do it, spread the word. The more the merrier!

I can run this trail forever.

I can run this trail forever.

Back running! New home new routes!